Everything Happen For A Reason

Everything Happen For A Reason

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Reminder- after losing him

Just a quick update since the last time i've updated were like a month ago...

This morning, FB notified me an event that happened a year ago. My escaped to Lombok with Eju and Ela.. I should be thankful to FB since without the notification, i wont remember the exact date of the trip. 

Surely, by end of this year, aku akan rasa macam 'eh, bila eh pergi lombok.. rasa macam baru je pergi'

Thats why la memang rasa seronok dapat notification tapi sayangnya aku bbukan orang yang semua benda nak update kat media sosial.


My another very important moment, 
Today mark a month after I sent my father to hospital and he was warded... 
An emotional moment..

An emotional moment that will be remembered by me for the whole of my life... Written these also made me went teary... How I missed him... 

For the first time after I lost him, last night, I slept soundly the whole night... No more waking up in the middle of the night and wishing he still here with all of us...

I really hope he is okay over there... comfortable and not lonely like me... 

I just want him to know, we are still missing him dearly... But still controllable..

The moment he left me, this is the first time I have running nose (sebab tengah tahan sebak)... Yes, Im that strong... And some people thought that I am not sad at all.. Yes, because I already talked to myself that I accepted the fate with all my heart.. Eventho, it really hurtful.. 

He is my father but still, he is a servant to Allah..
One day, I will follow the pathway.. 
No one will miss the pathway.
Why should I be too sad and dragged myself away..

Losing him was a wake up call for me,
For all of us,

"Every soul will taste the death" so, we should be prepared...

Al-Fatihah to my father..

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